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Happiness comes from Respect, not Money.

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"Zuckerberg’s earliest employees remember that he still slept on a bed on the floor even after his company passed a $1 billion valuation, preferring to work long hours and garner work-ethic adoration. Material wealth didn't matter as much to Zuckerberg as the quality and output of what he was creating with the Facebook team, wrote Facebook's first product manager Ezra Callahan on Quora."

Zuck has always believed his mission is more important than anything.

He gave up a normal life so he could serve his mission.

What relevant links on Bakadesuyo affirm this point?

Once you make over ~75K a year, money doesn't make you much happier.

The Amish are as happy as billionaires.

Relationships do make us happy.

Respect may be key because happy people are 10x more likely to be other-focused than self-centered.

Having a better social life can be worth as much as an additional $131,232 a year in terms of life satisfaction.

$131k a year is more than most people make, right?

That's a lot of satisfaction.

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