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Your Ultimate Guide to Opening a Beer Outside

how to open beer with snowshoe gif Imgur

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Hack #1: The Paddle

Method: Slip the narrowest edge of your paddle underneath the bottle cap. Wedge it as snugly as you can between the bottle and the bottle cap. Use your thumb to push down on the lid while you twist the paddle upward—the cap should pop right off.


It's cool but why not just use a bottle opener?

Where's the fun in that?  :)

Hack #7: The Pedal

Method: SPD and Crank Brothers pedals are perfect bottle openers—it's almost like they were made for it. Stick the beer where the lip of your cleat would normally enter the pedal, then pull up.

how to open beer with bike pedal gif Imgur

Hack #8: The Trekking Pole and Hiking Boot

Method: Your trekking poles and hiking boots can both do double duty as bottle openers. Plant the trekking pole point side up on the ground. Wedge the point under the bottle cap, then firmly bring your fist down on the bottle.

how to open beer with trekking pole gif Imgur

The lace hooks on your boots also work. Slide the hook under the cap and pull up.


That's what happens when Bolcer stashes something. 

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