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Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

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Apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Dentist propaganda? :)

That was my first thought, but then...

There's a lot of research nowadays about how Cat gut bacteria can be mood altering and also those toothpaste commercials where they show the bacteria in your mouth by taking some sort of picture. I'm betting there's a whole bunch of bacterial science that we're only now just understanding.

Not just bacteria, but all microbiology, really.

Where are the nanobots that can help us battle the micropests?

I'm with Will Gibson's assessment made on a panel at the CHI'92 conference: Nobody wants a 1971 Ford Pinto running around inside their body--which is essentially what nanobots will be for the next 100 years.

But... but... The Singularity is coming in 20 years!

We will be macrobots, right?

If so, then I can relax and wait for the bugs in the nanobots to work themselves out...

Until then, handhelds?

Yes. Handhelds!