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narcoleptic squirrel song

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He wooks so sweepy...

i drew a sleeping squirrel in joone's tree!  i love them all stretched out and sleepy with arms hanging over the branch.  in texas they're so hot they spend a lot of time dozing like this.  :)

LOL at "taking a snooze right out of the blue..."

With great heat comes great snoozing. :)

"I'm a walnut hoarder with a sleep disorder..."


yeah, the lyrics are great!

"Taking a snooze out of the blue..."

Now for something much filthier: Squirrelly wrath of Foamy the Squirrel!

Found that here:

"you don't have squirrelly wrath!"  hahaha!

Filthy mouth on that squirrel but the payoff is hilarious. :)

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