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Bearded Dragon Feeding Time for Calcifer video

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I loved the ":P" getting bigger.

This is really perfect!

Calcifer the bearded dragon ftw!!

I would watch more videos of Calcifer if they included his hilarious little captioning system.

Me too!  I'd be into Calcifer memes.

Sadly only 125 subscribers on his YouTube channel:

This still makes me laugh even though it's not Calcifer:

so cute!  the oshit oshit oshit oshit oshit had me laughing out loud.

and the growing smiley face, of course.  :)

Of course! I really do hope they make more of these. 

446 subscribers!  That escalated quickly!

I totally missed the <play dead> cricket the first 12 times I watched.

I forget -- does the play dead cricket get eaten too or does he survive the video?

He gets nommed.

after a bit of deliberation.

Da Liberating Lizard would make a great rock band name.

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