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Mantis Vs. Dog - Imgur

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Best Reddit comment:

i wonder if the mantis knows its playing with the puppy or if it's just trying to defend itself like maybe the puppy knocked it over on its side then laid down next to it thinking the mantis was just having fun but really the mantis is like 'this is how the world ends i'll never get to see mom or linda ever again' contemplating his short existence in sharp contrast to the puppy who's like 'haha scratchin my back with my new best friend i love you' but in reality it is not a playing mantis but a praying mantis

Reddit comments:

Mantis vs hummingbird:

Hummingbird vs Praying Mantis gif Imgur

Mantis vs cat:

praying mantis vs cat gif Imgur

Mantis vs goldfish was too scary to post. 

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