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Cooking for the Clueless

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Do you cook? What would it take to get you to?

“Cooking for the Clueless” was born in our living room after realizing that we had a storage full of kitchen gadgets, appliances, and registry “must-haves” that we didn’t know how to use.

While our kitchen collected dust and eating out every night was the norm, living healthier and saving money was becoming more of a priority. We knew we had to change. The intention was there, but attempts were pretty exhausting. Then we thought of our virtual mentor, Donny Deutch, telling us “there’s gotta be a better way!” So we decided to make “Cooking for the Clueless,” bringing in the pros to teach us delicious basics from the “clueless” perspective.

I'm not sure I like the thought of clueless people wielding culinary weapons.

I think the fifties and sixties gave us a generation who walked about from real cooking, begetting a generation of kids who can't. I'm very interested in what it takes to get people to cook. Odds my next startup will have something to do with that (although hopefully better than this-- the website is a pretty trainwreck).

A cool cooking startup could be a lot of fun.

Khan Academy for cooking? Codecademy for cooks?

There are tons of annoying apps that are about looking at food, and food photography; foodily, foodspotting. there are lots about recipes, god knows. that's why the internet was invented, right? ;) and a few of teaching videos like rouxbe. But, AFAIK, no codecademy for food... anyone? competitors? collaborators?

Will keep my eyes open for this, C. Seems like a very good idea!

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