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Jacksonville Jaguars wtf guy gif

Jaguars fan gif imgur confused wtf dafuq what the f God hates Jags


Thank you BigMurph26 for this gif.

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More BigMurph gifs:

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If you reduced Jacksonville down to ONE meme, this would be it.

That poor guy has been immortalized as representing the whole city. 

I found another one!

jacksonville jaguars fan wtf guy gif Imgur Tumblr giphy

thank you ...

Do all Jaguars fans have a WTF face?

Not as of yesterday.  Win!

Thank you - that was a nice analysis!

In the words of AlphaZuluOne: So could we have been 4-3 sure but in the end I'm happy we're NOT going to be 0-16! 

Exactly. This is a good season for figuring things out.

Blake Bortles, Denard Robinson, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Clay Harbor, and Marqise Lee are the start of a decent offense. They need to use the next draft to get a decent O line.

The defense is good and needs to keep getting better.

They are not the worst team in football. That's a good sign. 

Bird walks on field. Jaguars mascot has got this one!

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot chasing bird on field meme Imgur

Perhaps Jaguars fan guy is reacting to jeans in the pool?

Now with mustache!

Jacksonville Jaguars fan guy mustache gif imgur tumblr

Imgur comments:

"Man..I feel bad for the jags fans. They have to deal with bullshit every year. Even in the offseason."

On the bright side, they're used to it. 

One more time!

Jacksonville Jaguars wtf guy gif Imgur why confused baffled dafuq

WTF with boogers.  I get it.

This year might be a better year to be a Jaguars fan, right?

That's what I'm hearing!  Some friends went to a scramble or scrunch or something yesterday and the Jags dominated.

It's a young team so they will get better with experience. 

Blake Bortles has potential and they signed free agent Julius Thomas from the Broncos. 

All signs point to an improved season!


He was #1 on my "Who to avoid in Fantasy Football" this year. I feel bad for the Jags. They cannot catch a break

Well, they kind of did catch a break here.

It hurts! It hurts! Geez, first game of the preseason. Sheesh!

Disappoint. Even in the preseason.  

Whenever I think it can't get worse, I'm wrong. 

#1 Fantasy Football Team Name 2015:

Confused Jaguars fan is becoming the most popular gif of all time.

Here it is again:

Deserves some upvote!  It's the least we can do!

Geege I concur! Upvote Upvote Upvote!

"Literally the best case scenario for Jacksonville."

Yes! This year the Jags are finally going to be good again!

Pic found on FB titled "Jaguars last night"

jaguars last night meme imgur facebook

What is that jaguar doing??

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