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4 Things Jessica Alba Wants You to Know About Her Booming Lifestyle Brand

4 Things Jessica Alba Wants You to Know About Her Booming Lifestyle Brand Adweek


Arriving in New York to help kick off Advertising Week, Alba, 33, was featured at a session Monday afternoon alongside her business partner. Together, they outlined their mission, the lessons they've learned and the public misconceptions that have grown along the way. 

Here are four points that she tackled head-on in her presentation:

1. It's not a baby brand.

2. She shows up for work every day.

3. She believes household chemicals are behind everything from ADHD and autism to obesity and childhood cancers.

4. Social media is helping to fuel the brand's product flexibility.

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The company is worth a billion dollars and is planning to go public:

Alba spent recent years quietly and passionately building The Honest Company into a naturally focused lifestyle brand offering everything from plant-based shampoo to organic baby powder. Widely reported to be preparing for an initial public offering, the company was recently valued at an astounding $1 billion.

Their mission is to bring safe, trustworthy products to families at home:

The inspiration to create Honest began during Alba's first pregnancy when she had a strong allergic reaction to a supposedly hypoallergenic laundry detergent she used to wash new clothes from a baby shower. Surprised, she began to research mainstream products marketed as being safe for children.

"I found out there are a lot of untested chemicals in everything from this particular baby laundry detergent to the biggest baby shampoo, which has a numbing agent that numbs your children's eyes to make it 'tearless,'" she said.

Because this story is so often circulated as the origin story for Honest, many have assumed the Honest product line is limited to eco-friendly diapers, wipes, anti-rash creams and the like. "It's why people keep calling us a baby company," Alba said, "though we're not."

Today, the company has nearly 90 products in four categories: baby, bath and body, cleaning, and health and wellness. In the near future, Alba said, she hopes to expand into beauty and feminine care.

"We're not a luxury or fashion brand," she said. "We make products that families bring into their homes, and it's really built around safety and trust."

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