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Lockheed Martin Is Developing Compact Fusion Generator

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I'm not even sure what a Compact Fusion Generator is.

Science is hard to understand — Lockheed might as well have announced a flux capacitor, since most people don’t care much about tech beyond the apps on their phones. It doesn’t help that ‘fusion” sounds somewhat like “fission,” though perhaps misspelled. Worse, for those of us who are dimly aware of fusion remember the hilarity of the early 1990s, when claims were made that it could occur at room temperature, and thereby create a perpetual motion machine (it can’t, and didn’t).

Lockheed’s breakthrough is hard to understand for the same reasons Ebola is easy: people need simple explanations that reference their well-being or entertainment in about 140 characters. It’s not enough to announce a technology breakthrough in soaring verse; the company must dedicate creativity and money to explaining and promoting the qualities and applications of its research in ways that everyone can grasp. The Internet demands context for information, and if Lockheed doesn’t provide its substance, misunderstanding will fill the gap. So far, it’s been filled with disregard.

Here's the announcement:

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