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the folks at MIT say florida will be underwater in 35 years

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To be fair to Greg, "A senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, Jane Long, has warned Florida residents that global warming will lead to them being under water. The remarks were made at a recent three-day conference *targeting journalists* and addressing the issue of global warming and worldwide climate change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)" is not "the folks at MIT".  A folk, visiting MIT, said X.

true, geege.  it was a visiting folk who represents the EDF, not really the same thing.

anyhow, looks like i just accidentally wiped out this whole page of conversation!!  so, there's that.  grrrrr.  (all of your funny comments!!)  i tripped all over myself this morning!

Bugs Bunny, noooo!    

No worries, we've all done it.  We can recreate.  We have the technology.

bugs bunny illustrating your theory on florida becoming an island!!  that was epic!

I do need to make it less easy to delete things.

Bugs Bunny Florida gif Imgur Tumblr giphy

It's really useful for all the spam and troll deleting I do but yeah sometimes we wipe out a block of comments without intending to do so.

i wept all morning...

but look!  there's bugs bunny cutting florida loose again!  thanks, adam.


My theory:  Maryland, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are sinking and will receive the waters that otherwise would flood Florida.  As they sink, Florida will snap off and drift away as an island.  I believe my theory is sound.

sound, indeed. i'm adopting your theory wholeheartedly!

So Texas is still safe?

that's a good question...

Well, at least inland Texas is safe. The part on the Gulf, perhaps not.

go visit corpus christi while you still can.  no, wait.  scratch that.  i've been there, it's not awesome.  go to tulum, mexico!

What's in Tulum, Mexico?

tropical awesomeness.

come to think of it, it's probably not in much danger of being swallowed up by the sea any time soon.

the mayan ruins are up on a cliff... of course.  the maya seem to have figured all this stuff out already.

tulum ruins

If the Maya have figured all this stuff out already, is that why they're already gone?

maybe... it's an interesting question...

but just when i think the maya were all geniuses, i remember some of the less-appealing info...

there was some funky stuff going on there.  for example, in the mérida museum you can see vices they made for their babies's heads so that they could deform them into alien-shaped heads. the warped baby skulls on display are disturbing. obviously, this is super weird, but it does make me wonder about aliens and why the maya thought that shape of a head was worth vice-gripping their children's skulls.

Perhaps they've already been in contact with other worldly beings.

Perhaps as a group they've already gone and joined them.

that's the sort of cosmic thinking i like to do, too!

It's an interesting explanation for why they suddenly disappeared.

And it gives us a whiff of golden mystery, wondering what actually happened.


aliens guy Im not saying it was aliens meme pandawhale

it's turning into more of an anvil shape...

Because it's getting hammered by the Gulf!

Oh wow. Sad but true.

Also: I see what you did there.

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