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All the single ladies (and gentlemen, too) mapped

"I get emails every couple weeks asking for suggestions on where someone should move if they're looking for love," Soma said via email.

East Coast cities tend to have more single women than men, whereas the reverse is true for the West Coast. Soma argues that southern cities like Durham, Savannah and Jackson are the best places for straight men searching for straight women, given their very female-skewed single gender ratios. One caveat with the gender ratio numbers: they don't account for LGBT people, meaning the actual ratio of straight or bi men to straight or bi women could be slightly different. And of course, many single people are in monogamous relationships, limiting the ratios' usefulness for the purposes Soma suggests somewhat.

Breaking down the results by age, most big cities — including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago  — have more single men in their twenties than single women in their twenties. However, as the single population pushes past 50, the tables seem to turn, and single women start to outnumber their male counterparts, as this GIF of Soma's maps shows:

single ladies and gentlemen map gif American Imgur Tumblr Vox


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More single men in 20-39 + More single women 40-59 = ???

= looks like "Hey, it's Cougar-town!" to me...

aha!  the largest group of 30-39-year-old single males are in my county.  wait, what?

Yes, what's with all the single men in Florida?

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