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"I'm getting blamed for everything"

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Great advice.  It's important to understand the other person's truth fully for a lasting resolution or progress.  Even if after you've listened fully you may still need to wait to explore the issues you have if they are currently in an emotionally hijacked  state.  Mark Goulston does an excellent job describing the various states of mind in his book "Just Listen".

Understanding full truth is difficult. How about understanding enough truth?

Better put.....full truth is illusive - enough truth to be able to relate and have a meaningful exchange is the goal.

"Enough truth to be able to relate and have a meaningful exchange" = Empathy?

In this blame context  empathy is a very useful and productive element in working the situation out... 

Empathy is hard to learn -- it takes practice -- but even a willingness to listen can serve a person well.

It can be practiced in so many situations.  We would have quite a bit less conflict if there was more empathy!

True. And you're right -- every day gives us opportunities to practice!

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