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Gaining in Years, and Helping Others to Make Gains

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Inspiring article about people over 60 who are super volunteers. Made me ask myself what I want to be doing with my time to help others when I am 60.

This article IS inspiring. It's good to know that there are always places in need of volunteers.

And that getting older gives a person more opportunities to give. 

I find that the volunteers I admire the most in my own life are not the ones who RUN the charities -- they spend all their time trying to raise money, and what is more boring than that? -- but the ones who do the actual work specific to that charity. I admire people who cook a dinner every 2 weeks for homeless people, who force blood donors to eat cookies, who valet-park bicycles at sporting events and art fairs, who clean the toilets at state parks. I hope to become one of the latter and not one of the former. My childhood dream is to shelve books at a library!

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