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Eleanor Lutz's Animated Guide To How Animals Breathe

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You might notice that the infographic above isn't animated.

Click through to see the animated version.

the animated version is so so cool!!

i had no idea birds and grasshoppers breathed so differently from us!

Me neither! That's why I stashed it.

I thought of breathing as a universal thing to life, and it's not.

amazing.  truly.  i love learning stuff like this because it reminds me how little i actually know!

You like to be reminded of how little you actually know?

yes, i do!  it always makes me laugh and gives me a sort of "how beautiful" feeling that releases me from all pressure to know it all.

there is just so much going on... and i like to be reminded of that!

The good news is that you live in 2014, a time when it is impossible to know it all.

That hopefully also gives you a sense of calm.

yes.  sometimes it's nice to just sit back and observe calmly as the world spins and spins...

Thank goodness the world spins slowly.