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OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

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Whoever is flying that drone is EXCELLENT at it.

Take that, every opening ceremony of the Olympics ever!

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gabew101 1425 points 1 day ago 

I believe they are running the play back music at different speeds throughout the video while recording. Like a portion of the song is normal speed which flows into a section that is 3/4 normal speed which flows into a section that is 1/2 normal speed. This allows the band and dancers to follow the music and slow themselves down without any issues. Then in post when they sync it all back to 100% speed you have what looks like stop motion in certain sections. Other bands have employed this in the past, namely MUTEMATH.

I've never heard of mutemath. But the slow down / speed up trick makes sense.

I still think there's post-production trickery for the end part with all the red green blue yellow umbrellas.

The part that starts about 3:30 and kicks into overdrive at 3:48. 

I'm sure you are right about that. Post-production trickery for the win!

The ending of this video makes me wonder if it's actually done with people!

hahaha!  i was just coming here to post this video!  it's so badass!!!!

yes, the drone flight is amazing, and it's all one shot?!?  (just think of the planning involved!)

I believe it's all one shot, yes.

I wonder if there was post-production for the ending part because it's just too perfect.

But the drone does an amazing job of stabilizing itself to take the video in mid-air.

Aside: "I Won't Let You Down" comes nearly 10 years after "Here It Goes Again" ...

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