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The Secret to Telling if Your Life is on Track | TIME

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This article was one of your most puzzling and least concrete! We are all on track to death, right? So is the idea to plan towards a "goal" 5000 days away that is the kind of death you want to have? The final thoughts you want to have before death? The accomplishments you think you should do before death? I have to say my life goals and bucket-list are totally different today than it was when I was 30 or 20... so how can I really know if I'm still "on track"?

Those are all good questions.

I think the point of Eric's article is to use the certainty of death to ask yourself if you're on track with whatever goals you had in mind.

Specifically he says, "Thinking about death really does help us prioritize and be better people."

So really, it's an article that asks us to prioritize and focus.

Eric says everyone's goals change. See below.

Everyone's goals change. But it's important to have them and have a timeline, otherwise time just gets wasted. We all get lulled into believing time will not run out. It will. So plan and build timelines. They will change and that's fine. You will still have accomplished cool things. The danger is saying "tomorrow, tomorrow" and never accomplishing anything.

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