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Kiss Your Guacamole Good-Bye: Drought-Stricken California Farmers Stop Growing Avocados

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An awful lot of avocados these days are imported from Mexico, where the environmental protections are less... strict. Still something to wonder about, given that every pound of avocados costs 74 gallons (592 pints or pounds) of water...

So should we stop eating avocados? Or be happy that Mexico is growing them?

The Buddha himself taught that there is no way to personally avoid the costs of having a physical body to maintain -- one of which is guilt and horror at the resources we are consuming every day. He allegedly said that even strict vegetarianism causes the death of other creatures and depletion of common resources, because we are all linked in one chain of creation. It's something we have to live with every day, and do what we can to be kind and respectful of all.

And be grateful for the resources we do consume. 

California avacados taste better.  They are more buttery, less watery.  (sigh)

I wonder what makes them that way. The soil?

I think it's the variety we grow here (Hass) and the fact that they don't get that much water because it never rains in the summer here (unlike Florida!). Did you know the Hass avocado is native to California, and it was the first patented plant!

I did not know that!  Florida avacados are huge but pretty tasteless and very watery.  Mexico avacados look more like Hass but suffer from the same taste deficit as Florida's.

So if I understand correctly, less water makes for better tasting avocados?

And yet even the low-water avocados need a lot of water.