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The Next Battle for Internet Freedom Could Be Over 3D Printing | TechCrunch

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Whaddya think? Legit concern?

Being able to "print" guns and drugs sounds like a dystopian future:

If high-quality weapons can be printed by anyone with a 3D printer, and 3D printers are widely available, then law enforcement agencies will be forced to monitor what you’re printing in order to maintain current gun control laws. Otherwise, guns could become more widely available and firearms permits won’t matter to someone like James Holmes or Jeffrey Johnson. They can circumvent firearms laws by simply printing their weapons from a 3D printer for under $100.

Definitely a legit concern.

I disagree. What largely keeps people in check is guilt, fear, and love.

The laws dictate not what we cannot do, but what we may not do. I won't comment on gun control laws, but I will say those who truly want to commit a crime will be deterred by losing their freedom or privileges or by a genuine kindness and self-control. I was born and raised in an area where gun access is readily available, hunting is extremely popular, and many friends and neighbors own a dozen rifles and think nothing of it.

And yet murder, in the entire county, is extraordinarily rare. In the cases that there are shootings, it's inevitably over drugs or a lover scorned. And I mean once-in-a-year frequency.

I can't comment on whether or not gun control should be stricter or more lenient, but I will say the ability to print guns doesn't seem to be very meaningful. It doesn't take a 3D printer to make guns or drugs; it also doesn't make it any less technical for those without the knowledge or ability.

What if I told you that in a few years anyone could buy a 3-d printer and produce drugs and bullets whenever they wanted to.

You don't think things would quickly spiral out of control?

Have you been to Walmart? People can buy drugs and bullets in droves!

You know, I never thought of it that way before. Wow.

Also, I'd love to see the NRA and EFF team up to defend peoples' right to buy 3-D printers.

Were you trolling me, haha?

EFF and NRA an odd pairing to be sure.

I'm sure somewhere there is overlap.

Nope, no trolling, I had not thought of the Walmart angle.

Makes sense,😄

You never forget your first...

When I smell gun powder, I remember the first rifle I ever shot. 30 ot 6. the range, is peaceful. Like going to the driving range. That day, my friend and I went to Walmart and he bought ammo. I remembering being surprised how easy it was.

And not too long ago, there was a garage sale, and a neighbor down the street had two dozen rifles and pistols he was selling. I mean, for $500 or whatever his asking price was for different guns and rifles, you could purchase a firearm. And again, not much violence in my entire county.

I understand both sides; I grew up where many families I know own several rifles -- some of them automatic -- and yet my family owned none, nor did I shoot one before I was 18. The consequence of these senseless tragedies are devastating and beyond imagining. My heart goes out to families who have suffered needlessly because of the violence...

At least one lesson could be that we all pay attention a little more closely when our friends or family members have issues.

The real question is whether more 3-d printers will make more criminals.

Diamond Age!

I find the argument of controlling guns to reduce criminal activity non-pragmatic. WAAAY ore people are *accidentally* injured by firearms than on purpose. With 3D printers able to print guns, we'll just have even more people shooting themselves, which is also undesirable.

No one wants their 3D printer savvy 8 year old printing out an uzi.

We need mandatory firearms training for gun owners far more than we need less guns. We don't let any idiot drive a car without some basic instruction....I can't imagine why we let any idiot without basic instruction buy a gun.

Fortunately printing bullets is harder than printing guns. So we have some time yet before replicators become our undoing.

Firearms training is a worthy solution that both the NRA and anti-gun people can get behind.

Printers don't kill people. People do.

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