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36 real reasons for kids throwing tantrums

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LOL at T Rex jaw not big enough to bite his LEGO man's head!

i love new hats and leg hole.  look how cute the little sister is, happily sharing the leg hole!  

and rdj looks pretty bummed about causing a tantrum. (plus, what a baby! iron man is not always in costume anyhow!)

You're right, that little sister is so cute and so content.

And yeah, Robert Downey's face is hilarious. Poor RDJ!

leg hole boy also looks like he recently gave himself his own haircut.

Haha -- he does! Thanks for pointing that out, I see something new every time I see these photos.

"He didn't want to hold my hand whilst walking home from daycare" brings back some really FOND memories!

And by fond you mean notsomuch.

I love the contented look on the goat's face.

The goat is thinking "Winning!"

Haha, it's the Charlie Sheen of goats.

i laughed out loud at the girl crying over the lost receipt, too.  i currently have a taped-together receipt (also from a gas station) on the fridge that my toddlers fought over and tore in half, thus creating double tantrums!  they calmed themselves when i taped it together and magneted it to the fridge to "save forever and ever."  who knows why these things are important to them...  :)

Even they themselves don't know.

It would be adorable if it weren't accompanied by loud noise.