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South Park Real Life Boys from s18e7 "Grounded Vindaloop"

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The boys from the episode:

south park real life boys cartman stan kyle butters kenny instagram Imgur Reddit s18e7 grounded vindaloop oculus virtual reality

They look a lot like the sketch of the real life South Park boys in "Free Willzyx":

south park real life boys stan kyle cartman kenny free willzyx instagram Imgur Reddit

Reddit comments:

Bonus from that Instagram is Trey Parker as Wonder Woman:

trey parker wonder woman cosplay halloween costume outfit Instagram Imgur Tumblr

An attempt to chart out the episode s18e7 "Grounded Vindaloop":

south park virtual reality chart infographic map s18e7 grounded vindaloop Imgur Reddit

Reddit explanation:

Episode begins in the middle of things, where Cartman is trolling Butters by making him think he is in VR. But then you realize Cartman himself is stuck. Kyle goes from the basic South Park level, that we usually see week to week, into Cartman's VR. He has to get him to wake up. The two of them go to see Stan with Kenny. The Steve Customer Care loop begins. They go to see Butters who is grounded from the original GTA spree. There's a scene with Butters' parents right then that is in the original level, where they mysteriously ground Butters because of the "What happens here happens in real life Matrix joke." When Stan confirms his own Customer Service loop he is shifted into the original level, where Cartman is somewhere drooling with goggles on. He goes into his own room and removes invisible goggles, then we see the real life kids. And Butters is mysteriously ungrounded because of the VR ungrounding.

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More about the episode:

Eric Cartman as Morpheus in The Matrix:

eric cartman morpheus the matrix south park s18e7 grounded vindaloop meme Imgur

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Randy Marsh in and out of the Oculus virtual reality matrix:

randy marsh lorde oculus south park s18e7 grounded vindaloop meme Imgur

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Dutch version of real South Park kids:

Real life Eric Cartman went to the Denver Broncos game:

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