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American fear spikes gun sales

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"The complete lack of any gun control bill, according LaPierre, is proof positive that the Obama administration is gearing up for an assault on the Second Amendment."

I wish I could understand what the gun nuts (some of whom are my friends) are so worried about with Obama and gun control? Why do people think they need to stock up on guns and ammo?

Fear sells.

If you were on the fence about buying a gun, now you have an excuse to do so.

Before, you know, he gets elected and takes away your right to buy firearms.



Two very powerful organizations given their mandate because of fear. Fear is powerful.

There was a tragic shooting in Baltimore today. I know kids who attend the high school. I believe these events, tragic and sad, may also inspire people to "lockdown" the fort and purchase more guns. It may seem irrational, but if you truly felt it was your right to own and maintain guns and rifles, wouldn't you stock up?

It's like Y2K. Anytime scarcity is a fear, people hoard in hordes.

Shootings seem to just drive people to extremes. Anti-gun advocates see them as a reason to ban them all together and pro-gun owners see at as a need to have more in society with the, "people don't fuck with people with guns theory". I think neither will work, nor will there ever be a happy medium.

I think Chris Rock has the right idea with "Bullet Control"

I love the idea of bullet control.

The NRA's answer to every question is the same: more guns.

I wonder if the NRA considers security software and 3-d printers to be protected by the second amendment.

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