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Scientists optimistic they will get enough DNA to clone a 40,000-year-old wooly mammoth

Scientists to clone wooly mammoth using 40 000 year old DNA UPI com


A team of scientists are optimistic that an extremely well-preserved 40,000-year-old wooly mammoth will provide them with the DNA samples they need to clone the ancient beast.

The massive mammal was found by scientists in Russia in 2013, its eight-foot-tall frame found wedged in a chunk of ice on a remote island of Siberia. When scientists pulled it from the ice, the almost entirely intact body oozed blood. Researchers were able to pull fresh blood from the mammal's muscles.

That small vial of blood is now in the possession of a team of South Korean scientists led by Insung Hwang, a geneticist at the biotech research firm Sooam. Hwang and his colleagues hope DNA samples from the blood and other portions of the carcass will help them patch together a genome complete enough to clone.

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First of all, wooly mammoths are only 40,000 years old?

Second, is there anyone stopping to think about whether this cloning is a good idea?

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