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How Craft Beer Fails Its Female Fan Base

How Craft Beer Fails Its Female Fan Base First We Feast


“Women are still predominantly cast as non-beer drinkers—type-cast as uninterested in beer, or even less interesting than beer, as in this Amstel commercial,” says Jessica Miller, a beer writer and the author of Hey, Brewtiful. “Bud Light is equally out of touch, infantilizing its male target consumer. Heineken and Dos Equis, though at least more creatively entertaining, don’t do much to reach women as a market. I’d like to say craft beer is immune, but there’s room to evolve.”

Hayley Jansen, beer sommelier at New York’s Taproom No. 307, points out that any marketing that has been targeted directly towards women has largely failed. “For the most part, I don’t think beer marketing is directed to women,” she says. “I see lots of beer ads using sexy bikini-clad babes to appeal to men, which is a little offensive to us girls. There have been ridiculous attempts to market pink or fruity or low-calorie brews to women, but none have succeeded. We’re looking for flavor.”

Just take the cringe-worthy Chick Beer, which bills itself as the only American beer marketed specifically towards women. Did we mention it’s a light beer with a pink label? “Dumbing women drinkers down to the lowest common beer denominator does not legitimize our presence in the marketplace,” says Chicagoist beer writer Lorna Juett.

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It's a race to the bottom. Light beer with a pink label is bad too.

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