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Here's how to use tech to hack happiness

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1. Send Affectionate Notes Often.

research study on couples and texting showed that texting to express affection is associated with higher connection between partners.

6. Close Your Computer, Set Down Your Phone and Look Someone in the Eyes.

Research by Paula Niedenthal shows that eye contact is the most essential and intimate form of connection. Social media is primarily verbal while the root of intimacy is not verbal but is transmitted through the most minute facial expressions (the tightening of our lips, the crows feet of smiling eyes, upturned eyebrows in sympathy or sorry) and posture.

Mirror neurons in our brain are dedicated to reflect the actions of others so that we can internally feel what is happening with others - this ability is the basis for compassion and is the reason we feel sorry when someone cries or back away when we sense someone's anger.

How much of this can be transmitted through a text or even a staged selfie? It can't.

Look up and meet someone's eyes instead of a screen.