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Most under-rated movie of 2014 isn't what you think

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I have kids, so I have seen all the TMNT movies.  They're cute, but TMNT was a cartoon series long after I was a kid, so I didn't really have any interest.  Not only is this the best TMNT movie to date, it's just a downright great movie.  I learned things about the story that I never knew.  It was a perfect blend of graphics, storytelling, suspense, and action.  I even forgot how annoying Megan Fox is and actually appreciated her acting to the point that I think she might have some staying power to evolve into a longtime actress (versus the hollywood model that casts them off, pun intended).  

They even wrap the whole thing up in a bow with Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla $ign for the ending credits called Shellshocked, which my kids love to play on my car radio all the time.  (It's a welcome relief to the other crap they want to listen to).

Hip hop as the great uniter!

Megan Fox as a decent actress!

A compelling origin story!

I haven't seen any TMNT movies so thanks for the recommendation.

Epic Rap Battle:

Found here:

This movie is also extremely relevant to many aspects of modern life! For instance, I read this tweet today: "You do not fight the armor. You fight the man inside." - Master Splinter of TMNT knows infosec better than most.

That's Art-Of-War deep. Wow.

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