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Chill Dog Just Chilling in Hot Tub with Lily Pads

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It's easier without the lily pads.

happy dog in bath tub gif Imgur

Blissed out face!

Almost euphoric!

"Aww yiss!!" thought bubble

Searching for "aww yiss dog" I found these:

dog Aww yiss gif

dog Aww yiss gif

dog Aww yiss gif

dog Aww yiss gif

dog Aww yiss gif

These are lovely ... except for that compressed man and ... is that a nutria?! 

So, how would Doge express bliss?

happy doge gif

You don't like compressed man?

Aww!!  Perfect!!

Compressed Man is growing on me.   

Yeah, he's growing on me too.

noseless RDJ maybe gif tumblr imgur

noseless Scott Pilgrim gif tumblr imgur

noseless Obama gif tumblr imgur

The genre is called "noseless gifs". :)

The internet is full of magic and wonder.

It is but the subreddit is no longer active:

chill dog bath in sink photo funny Imgur

He's contemplating, What if...I am the ball???

Heh. Hot dog time machine!


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