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7 Secrets for Getting the Most Comfortable Airline Seat

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Pick airlines that offer the most legroom

Nearly four in 10 passengers say that giving more legroom is the No. 1 thing airlines should do to improve the in-flight experience, according to a survey by Jamie Counter, the senior director of flights for, notes that discount airline JetBlue typically offers about 34 inches of legroom in economy class, which is “very generous” (though he adds that the airline is reducing its legroom offerings on some planes), while Spirit typically offers about six inches less than that. Most other domestic airlines, he says, fall somewhere between 32 and 33 inches of legroom, which is now “on the high side given the proliferation of slim-line seats.” Seat width tends to have less variation: In the economy cabin, it usually ranges from 17.2 inches to 18 inches, Counter says.

Know which planes have the most space

Legroom differs not only between airlines but within the same airline, as specific jets have different configurations. Counter points out that Airbus planes tend to have more interior space to create more legroom, though that doesn’t mean the airline has necessarily configured them with more legroom. That’s why experts recommend that before booking a flight, consumers check out, which shows the specific jet and how much legroom it has in each class.

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