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5 secrets that will help you master conversation skills

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One of those rare instances where you better be better than your normal self:

Is “be yourself” the best advice before a job interview? Hell, no. Dress nice, be polite and act enthusiastic no matter what you’re like, right?

What does “be yourself” even mean? You’re not the same person moment to moment. Face it, you can be moody.

Fake it until you make it” works. Does acting a bit in social settings mean you’re dishonest? No.

Research shows putting your best foot forward actually reveals the real you:

In sum, positive self-presentation facilitates more accurate impressions, indicating that putting one’s best self forward helps reveal one’s true self.

Read more:

Also helpful:

Don’t be a conversational narcissist. Want to get along with people? Learn how to listen.

What should you say after you listen? Research shows you should respond with things that are “active and constructive.

The whole article is worth multiple reads:

This reminds me of an anecdote:

Once, on consecutive nights, Jennie Jerome (Winston Churchill's mother) dined with England's premier  politicians: Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and his chief rival, William Gladstone. When questioned  about her impressions of the two men, Ms. Jerome made the following observation: "When I left the dining room after sitting next to Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But when I sat next to Disraeli I left feeling that I was the cleverest woman."

That is an excellent story, Tom.

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