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Bad Technology Day -- A magic touch

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itunes library file corrupts

Corrupts icloud and ishare and authorizations

5 different iphone restores all state that my 13G is now 32G and unrestorable, even though they are all duplicates somehow

Won't let me transfer licensed music and stuff on iphone to computer.

Deletes 1/2 phone apps, all audiobooks, all ebooks, and a couple more things

All playlists are empty

Finally get a latest copy to restore iphone, perfectly laid out 10 pages of apps are completely messed up, with half still missing

Purchased movies, 007, Brothers Grimm, and a few others magically disappear

World of Goo, a $6 app, disappears, but when I try to redownload it, it wants me to buy it again.

System keeps changing my M: drive music storage back to my C: drive SSD which I don't want to use the space to store all my media on.

I upgrade itunes, start from scratch, lose half apps (some of them purchased), finally get authorized and ishare wants to double download my whole music library again. Recently added, which was being synched to iphone craps out as it thinks whole library is recently added, though i can't find where to limit the number of recently added songs.

Resuck all libraries in on the M: drive, remove all duplicates, make sure purchased songs are there, try to recover as many playlists as possible and give up, authorizations good, downloads good, ebooks back, just have to spend the time figuring out what apps are missing and what screens they should be on.

Start the process in as many times in 6 months re-arranging my apps again so they are perfect using screenshots and manually dragging and dropping apps in the most painfully way possible.

Decide to do it later and go grab my Galaxy Tab to play some mobile app games. It turns off multitasking and downloads a 300Meg AndroidOS Samsung edition upgrade. It nukes my perfectly laid out tablet home page. It nukes my backgrounds. It puts two unremovable picture and movie/video widgets on my home page that I can't get rid of and removes my old picture widget. It nukes my page with all my games on it. It nukes my page with all my work apps on it. It nukes 5 or 6 paid for apps and wants me to pay for them again.

Give up and watch TV.

I'm telling you, I had the magic destructor touch yesterday.

Geez, Greg. I feel your pain.

The way to get less fail is to have fewer moving parts... :)

That's a really good point. So what is it in this day and age that my home desktop, galaxy tab, and iphone can't all be instantly restored at any time with everything I own?

Corporations do it. Why don't people have it worked out for consumer stuff? I think that's the STUPID IDEA OF THE DAY. If someone wanted to start a company to do that, I'm all in.

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