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BitPay: Microsoft Has Aggressive Global Vision for Bitcoin

BitPay Microsoft Has Aggressive Global Vision for Bitcoin


To BitPay chief commercial officer Sonny Singh, Microsoft's decision to embrace bitcoin is part of the company's campaign to change this perception. While the Washington-based company has only added bitcoin as a payment option for US digital goods consumers, Singh suggested Microsoft is already preparing to move aggressively to support the emerging technology.

Singh told CoinDesk:

"Microsoft has a long-term vision for bitcoin, BitPay and the blockchain. Starting with digital goods in the US is the logical first step, however, they want to expand to Europe and globally and add support for other products as part of that rollout."

Singh indicated that the Microsoft team has made it clear that they are serious about supporting bitcoin through both words and actions. Microsoft is reportedly enthusiastic about bitcoin "from the top down", according to Singh.

"They already have a global plan rolled out for us," Singh said. "They've already thought four steps ahead of this whole rollout, so they are very innovative, very aggressive and very strategic in how they work."

The former VP of sales at Jumio further indicated that Microsoft moved fast to integrate bitcoin in time for the holiday. Microsoft accounts can now be funded with bitcoin and used to purchase apps, games and videos on its Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms.

Singh's remarks are further supported by a blog post issued by Microsoft today, in which the company indicated that by allowing consumers to use bitcoin for purchases, it hopes to be "at the front edge" of the technology's proliferation.

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Not sure how I feel about Microsoft embracing Bitcoin.