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What's the correct way to eat sushi?

whats the correct way to eat sushi

Good answer on how to eat sushi on Quora:

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I did not know that! "contrary to popular belief, wasabi is not meant to be mixed into the soy sauce to make a soupy paste or cloudy brown dip. It's a matter of personal preference but some of my Japanese friends consider mixing to be bad etiquette. I like to add wasabi separately, in little green dabs on top of the fish, before a quick dipping by flipping - fish side first. "

I did not know this either. Thank you for sharing, Masha!

The little infographic below that I found on Pinterest says something similar.

Fun things I found on Pinterest when I searched for the correct way to eat sushi:

whats the correct way to eat sushi

whats the correct way to eat sushi


I have met a great many people who flatly refuse to try sushi and say they won't eat raw fish, I explain that different fish tastes different and a quality  bar is the one you should go to first. these people tend to be the type who wouldn't be paying a premium for food in the first place though so that is lost on them. More sushi for me!

my sushi

You seem more willing to try things than most people, Nathaniel. 

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