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The Vegetable That Treated Gunshot Wounds

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Onions themselves are fine-tuned biological fighting machines. The compounds generated when an onion is bitten, nibbled, sliced, chopped, diced, or otherwise disrupted are the onion’s anti-pest defense mechanism, a phenomenal battery of repellants nasty enough to discourage most onion attackers from ever coming back again. When onion cells are damaged, the onion goes into red alert, releasing enzymes that act upon ordinarily benign sulfur-containing organic compounds to produce a barrage of malodorous, painful, and highly reactive molecules. It doesn’t pay to mess with an onion.

Seems like a good excuse to put onions in as much as possible.

Build up our immunity!

Sean Hannity does tend to put his money where his mouth is.

and he wore an onion on his belt, as was the style at the time

After Adam's comment about putting onions in as much as possible, I suggested Sean Hannity.  Then I deleted.  Then I re-inserted.

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