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Uber's Delhi Rape Incident Has Opened A Hidden Entrepreneurial Door

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Uber had a lot going for it in India – except for the accusation that they didn’t put drivers through stringent enough background testing. According to popular author and commentator Chetan Bhagat, it is too easy to rely heavily on the local system of corruption in getting background-check paperwork easily forged in India.

North Delhi’s top cop investigating the Uber rape case, Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma, tweeted his response to Bhagat’s comments, saying “Why @chetanbhagat conveniently forgot that Uber promised: Background checks; driver profiles & full accountability?”

Attempts to start small women-driven taxi services in Delhi (and other large Indian cities) have been made. There are GCabs and Sakha Cabs in Delhi. But after a few short years in operation, GCabs still only has a fleet of 10-women driven cabs, and female drivers end their working day by 8pm. Sakha cabs has 15 female-driven cars available for hire.

Uber had a Boston rape incident too:

That's with a background check.

Uber promises it will get better at policing its drivers. 

maybe it should get better at policing its riders too. Female drivers getting accosted is a real thing as well. The possibility for assault in that direction is just as real.

Agreed and I believe Uber would agree too.

Too many bad incidents on Uber would significantly hurt Uber. 

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