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MRW somebody only responds with "K" after I've messaged them gif

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Many delightful K gifs to choose from:

Kermit the Frog K gif Imgur Tumblr Grover sesame street

And they'll all get this reaction!

austin powers K gif Imgur Tumblr

alphabet explosion K gif Imgur

Doge is my favorite intensity.

Which one?

doge intensifies gif

doge intensifies gif

doge intensifies gif

doge with it gif Imgur Tumblr deal intensifies

doge intensifies gif

doge intensifies gif

csi shibe doge intensifies gif Imgur

frozen Anna intensifies gif Imgur Tumblr

putin doge meme intensifies gif Imgur

I had only seen the top two!  Thank you!

I went searching for more because I knew you'd like them. :)

Putin Doge is my Christmas!!  So joy!!

Doge likes Putin. So pet!

Putin doge

Putin doge

Putin doge

Such aww!

Putin does love dogs. 

LOL - just noticed "not gey" in the pic beneath the strobing Doge!

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

I love this page. 

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