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Do Not Brag About Your Leg Press

Do Not Brag About Your Leg Press


Bragging about your leg press "is like bragging about how fast you can do the TV Guide crossword puzzle." It is a definite moron indicator. 

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Check out Prince Jackson's 3" of motion:

Quality over quantity; people who are actually good at leg press really deserve to brag because so few people work legs enough to break 500# on leg press let alone 800, then you have the 1/2 reppers or 1/4 reppers who don't count.  At one gym I go to we have a board with the current heavy lifter for each lift named and his max weight on that exercise.  To qualify you have to have a worker watch and verify proper form and full motion before it will count. 

Even with all the aforementioned details, we don't include leg press on the wall of awesome because it is a synthetic exercise.  It is great for calves  and focused exercises.  I use it to prep the front of my quads for ski season and my gluts and calves for hiking.

What makes leg press a synthetic exercise?