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One Couple's Brave Decision To Live Small Results In A Brilliantly Designed Home That Only Cost Them $22,000: Tiny House ftw

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They now live mortgage-free, which has improved quality of their life.

Here's their website:

Many comments on it by Facebook friends.

Loren Groves wants to get a bunch of these and Airbnb them:

Garry Tan points out that the housing crisis is driving Bay Area middle-class away: 114,000 net new jobs last year — and only 8,000 units built:

Perhaps these tiny homes are the solution?

Those are cool. I wish I could downsize that much. Still, I try to toss things as much as I can. That's a small house.

It is a small house. I wonder how many people could downsize to this size.

I'd like to congregate them in trailer park fashion with a communal garden and other communal areas so they don't feel so small.  

Oh! Like a small home community! That sounds like fun!


Kids wouldn't fit. Would need multiple homes.

Hopefully they make them modular so they can fit together like a habitrail.

Giant Habitrail

There's a show about this where the families go into shock when they really have to get rid of stuff. 

Yeah, it's hard to get rid of stuff. Especially things you might want again.

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