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Bill Gates drinks water that used to be human poop

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This is pretty incredible, and could be an amazing thing for 3rd world countries.

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(Why did Steve Ballmer suddenly come to mind?)

Because he sweats a lot so he needs water? Or because human poop?

Joking aside that video is amazing.

What a marvelous invention: It makes water AND energy out of waste.

...which will save millions of lives!

(because human poop)


700,000 children die each year from poor sanitation:

this is super cool!  but is this a viable option for developing countries? i know people often go to these places with high hopes, install a well or sanitation system, but the new systems cannot be maintained properly and eventually the problem returns.

Yeah, the goal the Gates foundation had in solving the problem this way was making sure it was viable for developing countries. That's why it also generates electricity, to bring money into the community and be not just self-sustaining but an engine of economic development.

This is a big breakthrough that could lift up the 2 billion people currently without access to clean drinking water.


i wonder if peepoo bags can be used as sludge.

Probably, because biodegradable.

what a great solution!

*dusts off hands

alright, now that that's solved... what's next?

oh man!  how nice that the gates foundation exists.

Warren Buffett thought so too. He's bequeathing most of his fortune to them too.

side note: everyone's water contains particles that came from human or animal poop at some point.

That's true.

And now the Germans are building a plant that converts sewage to energy and clean water too:

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