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Obama proposes free junior level community college for all... the parents and grandparents of potential students are outraged.

obama college 2 year

Obama, like me, would like to give more of the US a free pass to lower level college education.

Obama said that a world-class education begins with children, but that adults also need training.

"It's not just for kids," he said. "We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits."

The White House said the “America's College Promise” proposal could save eligible students $3,800 a year in tuition. It added that if all 50 states choose to implement the president’s plan, it could benefit roughly nine million students each year.

Under the proposal, students would be able to earn half of a bachelor’s degree or learn technical skills needed in the workforce. Students would be required to maintain a 2.5 GPA and make progress towards completing their program.

Congress would have to approve funding for three quarters of the average cost of community college, with participating states contributing the remaining funds to eliminate tuition fees for students in the first two years.

while other countries have been doing this for U.S. expats for years, our citizens or the more vocal ones are condemning Obama (of course, because he is the devil) for proposing 2... just 2 years of tuition free education.

Getting into college is a large unknown and much like choosing a job.  it takes time and research to decide what you want to accomplish in college, what do you like and what do you plan on doing in the future.  I feel it's a bigger life decision than getting a job.  Your degree choice is a career choice, paying for college while going and having a low income is a lifestyle choice. student loans are a risk/reward and ROI decision.  many of the people who will be affected by this don't feel as if they have the option to attend a university or community college due to their work schedule and pay. 

Even if this is accepted and passed (I see strong opposition by one side of the house for some reason)  many students will face a large economic barrier to attendance as many colleges offer limited online coursework and class times often do not align with a person's work schedule.  This is especially true for skilled trade certificates such as welding and nursing (can you see where these would be important skills for the workforce?)  where you are forced to take 2 classes a day 3-4 days a week mid day.  now who can go to college from 10:00-12:30, then 3:00-5:00 and maintain a run of the mill job? 

So what we have here is a proposed step in the right direction for support of our workforce and the future of the U.S. being touted as Marxist/communist agenda by radicals and it isn't even addressing the whole issue with the education system.  who in their right minds would refuse to pay 3-10 a month in taxes to support the education of our countries future? 

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I'm trying to understand their outrage. Is it that they don't want to pay for it?

I'm guessing it's half that: they need to fund the education of the coming generation and prevent the complete death of what we like to think of as the middle class, mixed with a little bit of 'it came from Obama Obummer Osama whatever the detracters want to call him. 

I'm not PrObama but i'm not against him either i'm pro education and anything else he may voice an opinion on that supports the evolution of the U.S. into the 21st century and the end of the socio-political barriers currently corrupting our economy and political system.

Overall it seems like a good idea that will fuel economic growth.

Yeah, it will cost some money, but it's an investment.

Whether Obama or someone post-Obama implements it, it seems like a good idea.

When I saw this last night, my first thought was, "Fantastic. And I'm down to my last $15K in student loans (Adam, you know how old I am)." I think there is an issue with college schedules being not very customercentric, but we're seeing trends toward those community colleges putting courses online. Yes, it's true, online classes have a low completion rate, but the bottom line is colleges need reform, too. 

I'm conflicted about the "free" aspect. I think that free often has no value. When I've felt bad for people in business and given "free" stuff people were less diligent about taking full advantage of the opportunity. As a teacher, kids say stuff like "I'd do this work if I were getting paid." That always gets them a theatrical diatribe about how the US Taxpayer is paying 20K/year for them. A scholarship. Congratulations. 

But if it seems free people don't see it that way. I wish there were a string attached--a pay it forward, volunteer service corp or something, but I am grateful to see a better path for college and/or training. 

Pay it forward is a great concept.

George, it is.

Dawn, I'm certain if this ever becomes real there will be a bunch of strings attached.

Obama has already mentioned maintaining grades and volunteering for community service.

But it's likely some kind of internship or work program will become part of the requirement too.

There won't be free riders in this system. And a more educated population benefits all of us. 

Agreed. But listen, I'm still trying to sort through health care so it'll take me a bit before I can really analyze this movement:)

I knew he had some dark twisted ulterior motive or communist agenda under this.  stealing from the rich to give the next generation a fighting chance against the rest of the world.  What a selfish man.

Ha! You say it snarkily but there are a lot of people who actually believe this.

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