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Barack Obama the Nazi Socialist Communist Muslim

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For fun sometimes I visit right-wing blogs.

On those blogs I often see Obama accused of being a Nazi, a socialist, a communist, and a Muslim.

It's even more fun to watch him get accused being all four.

Because logic has no place in some American voters' heads.

Wait, what? The peace sign is a socialist sign??

You have a better sign for socialism?

Of course....Freddie Mercury.


I thought that was the symbol of Queen?

It's a solidarity symbol that he co-opted for his own activist movement, but the original is socialist in meaning.


Ironic then that he named the band after monarchy.

The Baathist movement in the Arab world, most prominently represented by the former Iraqi regime and struggling Syrian regime, came pretty close to combining all four:'athism

Not that Obama is any of the above, just that history suggests pathologies can combine is some pretty surprising ways, so "can't be all four" is facile.

And even the fact that Nazism/fascism and Communism were rivals in Europe doesn't mean they're opposites/mutually-exclusive. Some of the most bitter rivalries are between similar entities fighting for the same niche.

Gordon, that's fascinating.

You just expanded my mind?

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