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Don't let the grass grow on the path to your friend's house. ~@caterina

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What's the greatest piece of advice you've ever received?

Wisdom is pretty plain and unimpressive. Be nice. Floss regularly. Do your best. Don't let the grass grow on the path to your friend's house. Wisdom is always simple, but not easy.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

I'm good at telling stories. The biggest compliment I've received lately was from my daughter, who after attending a storytelling festival said on the ride home, "Mommy, you tell better stories than anyone!" I was told a lot of stories as a child, mostly by my father, and my parents encouraged me to make up stories myself. I read a lot of fairy tales and mythology as a child, and wasn't allowed to watch any television. Stories and books were the primary media in my life, until the Internet.

What's your workspace setup like?

We have a wonderful office in Hayes Valley, with impressively high ceilings, a porch, and lots of plants. Standing desk mania swept across the company a few weeks ago, and more than half the people are now standing. One engineer got a tall chair to go with the standing desk, and we noticed she spent a lot of time sitting on it, so the rest of us resisted the urge. We also eschewed IKEA for eBay, flea markets, and Etsy, so the office feels homey. People in cubicles under fluorescent lights are significantly less productive than people with air and light and environments that feel more like home.

Look for Matt Nunogawa in this image of Findery's workspace:


Those are some mighty handsome and intelligent devs!

And so organized that I'm putting this into my Things Organized Neatly stash.

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