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Mason Mayer works out.

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Mason Mayer's job since Google went public has been to work out.

Apparently he was training to be a skier.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!

Too bad he used that working out to beat up his girlfriend...

Domestic violence is a terrible thing, and it makes me sad and angry that Mason Mayer has been handed every privilege in life and still abuses other people. Why?



"He ripped out my earrings, tore my eyelashes off, while spitting in my face and telling me how unlovable I am," she said [of Mason Mayer]. "I was on the ground in the fetal position, and when I tried to move, he squeezed both knees tighter into my sides to restrain me and slapped me."

She said Mason Mayer slammed her head onto the floor repeatedly and pulled out clumps of her hair, telling her that the only way she was leaving the apartment alive was if he drove her to the Golden Gate Bridge "where you can jump off or I will push you off."

For more: Brother of Yahoo CEO Gets Probation

SF Appeal adds:

By pleading out, Mayer will not stand trial, but he has admitted "tortious misconduct," according to Gloria Allred, the celebrity litigator retained by Trent in the case.

"Mason Mayer has brought shame upon himself, his sister, and his entire family," Allred said via a statement. "We hope that his family will urge him to take full responsibility for what he has done and the injustice to that he forced Kelli Ann to suffer."

Trent said she delayed going to police out of fear of Mayer's "extremely wealthy and powerful family," according to an affidavit.

Quora has more information.

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