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Give up just 16 seconds of your day to hear potentially the greatest accent ever to grace the ears of mankind...

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"Ye wouldn't be long getting frost bit."

2000 Reddit comments:

Frostbutt is dickbutt's northern cousin.

frostbutt dickbutt northern cousin meme frost Imgur

What... what language is he speaking? Is it like Welsh?


Reddit comments say it's Park village, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland:

Reporter: 'It was a wintry walk to school in (?) Village. But, they're a hardy breed in these parts.'

Boy: 'Well the mother says we have to go [ie: my mum told me I have to go] anyway so we hadn't much choice in the matter.'

Reporter: 'Is it a cold journey to school this morning?'

Boy: 'Oh God, you wouldn't be long getting frostbit.' [ie. it wouldn't take you very long to get frostbite.]