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the one thing happy people do differently

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Unhappy people blame setbacks. Happy people find meaning in their obstacles.

“Unhappy people tend to see setbacks as contaminants that ruined an otherwise good thing (‘I was never the same after my wife left me’), while generative adults see them as blessings in disguise (‘The divorce was the most painful thing that ever happened to me, but I’m so much happier with my new wife’),” Cain says. “Those who live the most fully realized lives – giving back to their families, societies, and ultimately themselves – tend to find meaning in their obstacles.”

Choosing to see setbacks as blessings rather than bothers can affect not only our happiness, but also our resolve.

Put another way: Life is full of obstacles.

If you try to rush the obstacles away, then you're rushing life away.

The obstacles help give life its meaning.

and don't BLAME those obstacles for your current situation.  they could help you if you let them.

For building castles!

use your obstacles quote Nemo Nox rocks in my path I will keep them all with them I shall build my castle

that's so nice.  (and it looks like texas!)

It would not surprise me to know that's Texas. 

I've also heard that obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goals. 

that's a great line.  i will remember that one!

I believe it was said by Henry Ford. It's all over Pinterest...

obstacles eyes off goals quote

obstacles eyes off goals quote

obstacles eyes off goals quote

obstacles eyes off goals quote

obstacles eyes off goals quote

obstacles eyes off goals quote

Actually, I like the 3 questions, too.

Author Daniel Pink says in his book, To Sell is Human, that how we explain negative events to ourselves has a major impact on our resiliency. Pink writes that “when something bad occurs, ask yourself three questions and come up with an intelligent way to answer each one no.”

Question 1: Is this permanent?

Question 2: Is this pervasive?

Question 3: Is this personal?

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