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John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Antics Just Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill In Washington State

John Oliver tin foil hat meme Imgur Net Neutrality Antics Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill

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State Senator Cyrus Habib (D-Kirkland) credits that John Oliver segment with a bill he introduced in the Washington state legislature today. Habib’s bill would allow people from anywhere in Washington state to submit testimony to Olympia over the Internet, YouTube style. Instead of having to take time off work and drive hours to get in legislators’ grills, people could just record a video of themselves and hit “send” to TVW, Washington’s equivalent of C-SPAN. Then, theoretically, legislators would watch the citizen videos connected to the bills they’re considering before votes are held.

What John Oliver did, if this works out, is give an actual voice to every man and woman out there (in Washington state for now). A chance for the passive to become active in something that could greatly affect us all.

This is a pretty brilliant feedback loop.

Smart commentary begets change, which emboldens smart commentary to make more change!

I wonder what makes his smart commentary engender activism whereas Jon Stewart's doesn't quite.

Less partisan?

John has specific call to actions:

John Oliver fly my pretties gif Imgur flying monkeys thanks butcher_of_hope

This graph shows Netflix download speeds with various providers:

Thank you Ransal for this gif:

Watch it again and we how he climaxes with the call to action:

nutflix... hahaha!

that was really good.  and it is right in line with what i am currently writing: an article about breaking up with comcast.  i'll have to include this video, as well as the link for complaining to the fcc.

Yes please!

So what will you be replacing Comcast with?

at&t.  i thought perhaps i was trading one evil for another, but at&t has been very good so far.  they even answer their phones and have already come out to help when i needed it.  imagine that!

AT&T is better than Comcast but hopefully something even better will come along.

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