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Marshawn Lynch is not worried about being down 19-7 with 4:50 left

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gfycat's are tricky because they're not gifs. I made modifications to include the one on top, but that one of Clay Matthews is pretty sweet too.

Thanks!!!  Can the Clay one be fixed too?  Or do I need to make it a separate post?

Happily! Including below instead of changing your comment...

Thanks! :)

Btw a lot had to happen for the Seahawks to win that game:

I like this graphic with a 1% chance of winning with 3:19 minutes remaining.Seahawks Packers chart chances of winning championship playoff game 2015 Imgur

Holy smokes, that is outrageous! What an unbelievable game. 

You can see in Marshawn's head, "So you're saying there's a chance..."

Link to video of fake field goal:

"The Seahawks started practicing the fake field goal they ran against the Green Bay Packers this past Thursday.

That was the word from Jon Ryan, whose 19-yard loft to offensive tackle Garry Gilliam marked the first postseason touchdown tossed by a punter since they started keeping track of the statistic in 1966.

Ryan hoped to receive a chance to run the play this week, noting the last time he threw a pass for a score came more than a decade ago during his time at the University of Regina. He lobbied for the call all week to his head coach and special teams coordinator.

"I didn't get within five feet of Pete [Carroll] or Brian [Schneider] without mentioning it to them that we should run it," Ryan said. "So it was obviously open."

Ryan's promotion paid off.

"Coach Carroll actually came up to me plenty of times this week and was like, 'We're running that play. Be ready,'" said Gilliam. "And I was like, 'All right, I'm ready.' And we did."

It was Carroll's confidence in his punter that set the pivotal play in motion.

"I really believed in this fake," Carroll said. "I thought we had a great shot at it because I believe in Jon Ryan's ability to come out of there exploding like he did, and really it was the first opportunity we had."

Astonishing. It really is as if everything went right in the last five minutes of that game. 

Russell Wilson most interesting man in the works meme Imgur I don't always throw four interceptions but when I do I go to the Super Bowl anyway

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