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The whole town of Whittier AK lives in a single condo. The 200 residents need not leave home to go to school, grocery store, or Post Office.

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Great setup for a murder mystery. Or zombie movie.

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Very interesting living/working environment.  This town is one of the major port of calls on Alaskan cruises.

I did not realize that. Pretty impressive for such a small town!

The two huge buildings that dominate Whittier were built after World War II. The 14-story Hodge Building (now Begich Towers) completed in 1957 contained 150 two and three bedroom apartments plus bachelor efficiency units. Dependent families and Civil Service employees were moved into this efficient high rise. The new Whittier School was connected by a tunnel at the base of the west tower so students could go to school in short sleeves on the very worst weather days. The building, originally was named in honor of Colonel Walter William Hodge Civil. Engineer. the CO of 93rd Engineer Regiment on the Alcan Highway.[5]

The other structure, the Buckner Building, had been completed in 1953, and was called the "city under one roof". Both buildings were at one time the largest buildings in Alaska. The Begich Building is now a condominium. Together with the 2-story Whittier Manor, Begich Building houses nearly all of Whittier's residents.[6] The port remained an active Army facility until 1960.,_Alaska

Fascinating and seems unique. I've never heard of anything like this before. 

Pretty sure you mean AK (Alaska) rather than AL (Alabama). But you do you, Panda!

You're right, fixed. I would have typed out the name of the state but ran into our 140 character title limit.

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