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Get A Load Of Microsoft HoloLens Holographic Vision For Minecraft's Future

Microsoft HoloLens Holographic Vision For Minecraft s Future


Microsoft's biggest reveal during today's Windows 10 event was Project Hololens, a wearable visor that will insert holograms into a person's field of vision. If their hype video is to be believed, it's going to be just the thing to make Minecraft completely immersive. And completely inescapable.

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It's like Minecraft and the real world are becoming one. Cool!

I would have thought they'd integrate with Oculus too but I see no such announcement.

It's a very good step, but I'll wait for the technology to advance to the point where you don't have to wear a headset, or at least the headset becomes more like a pair of glasses, and can offer full immersion. 

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