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Lars Andersen Absolutely Incredible Archery Skills

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catch an arrow while jumping and fire it before he hits the ground

Such coordination!

1000 Reddit comments:

Awesome! Splitting an arrow while it is coming at you.  Similar to the bullet scene in Wanted.  HItting a bullet in flight with a bullet while it's coming at you.  In Wanted, they actually curve their shots around a person in the middle too. 

Yeah but that was special effects. How does this guy do this???

amazing!!!  this guy needs to get in the movie biz ASAP!  i want slow motion action set to kickass music! 

Me too!

Bonus: Check out this world record he set from 2011:

Oh wow, Lars Andersen archery video from 2012 is pretty awesome, too:

wtf....Green Arrow & Hawkeye in one.

I know, right? Why have I never heard of this guy until now??

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