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Arctic fox snow diving for lemmings gif

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Did you know? Foxes hone in on their prey by using the Earth's magnetic field. When they face near magnetic north they have a 73% kill rate on their prey. When they rotate away from this it drops to 18%

When [the researchers] looked at each other's notes, [they] saw a pattern: For some reason, Czech foxes prefer to jump in a particular direction — toward the northeast. (To be more precise, it's about 20 degrees off "magnetic north" — the "N" on your compass.) As the video above says, most of the time, most foxes miss their targets and emerge covered in snow and (one presumes) a little embarrassed. But when they pointed in that particular northeasterly direction, Ed writes, "they killed on 73 percent of their attacks." If they reversed direction, and jumped exactly the opposite way, they killed 60 percent of the time. But in all other directions — east, south, west, whatever — they sucked. Only 18 percent of those jumps were successful.

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kuwetka says the videographer's name is most likely Justin Maguire (or less likely Rolf Steinmann) - it's from BBC's "Life Story", episode 2.

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It's worth looking at all the gifs in the album:


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